The Commercial Dispatch, 5/10/8

Lowndes County and voters in the 1st Congressional District this election season have been inundated with negative campaigning — political ads targeting the candidate’s opposition, not addressing the candidate’s position on issues — by those running for the seat vacated by Roger Wicker.

Voters Tuesday will decide who will fill the seat until January, when the new congressman elected in the Nov. 4 general election takes office, but many, angered by the negative advertisements, say they’ve lost interest in voting.

Republican Greg Davis, who has participated in negative campaigning since the start of the election season — which already has brought voters to the polls three times — and Democrat Travis Childers, who recently joined Davis in sending out attack ads, will face off in Tuesday’s runoff election.

His opponent’s position is an issue to voters, says Davis, while Childers says his negative ads are in response to his opponent’s attacks.