Group: Change flag of ‘hatred and bigotry’

Former mayoral candidate Antar Lumumba said the Mississippi state flag represents the vestige of the “noose South.”

Lumbuma’s group Stand Up Take It Down held its first anti-flag event Monday at the Capitol, starting with a press conference and concluding on the building’s south steps.

“There are a lot of things we can hold pride in in the state of Mississippi, but the flag is not one of them,” said Lumumba, whose father, Chokwe, served as Jackson mayor until his death last year. “It is known for hatred. It is known for bigotry. And instead of making every effort to disavow a narrative that links us to injustice, we fly the very emblem that embodies that hate over our state Capitol every day. This problematic and exclusionary emblem restricts Mississippi a noose South, instead of the pride of a so-called new South.”