CBS News – Gene Taylor: Dems “need to do better”

When President Barack Obama first addressed a joint session of Congress last February, he set an ambitious agenda for the House and Senate.

Just over one month into his presidency, Congress had already sent the president a bill expanding children’s health insurance, a massive stimulus package meant to create jobs and expand the suffering economy and a bill that would protect women from pay discrimination in the workplace. Now, he was calling for action on three agenda items he deemed “critical to our economic future: energy, health care and education.”

“We need to do better,” said Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), a conservative Blue Dog Democrat. Taylor said it’s time for Democrats to tackle one problem at a time, move more to the center, and warned that adding immigration to the docket is politically disastrous.

“The last thing that any president or any Congress needs to be doing is encouraging people to come here and compete for the already entirely too scarce number of jobs,” Taylor said.

CBS News