Nunnelee: I would have said no months ago

If Alan Nunnelee were in Washington now serving as Mississippi’s First District congressman, and was facing a decision whether to vote yes or no on President Barack Obama’s health care plan, he would have already announced his decision.

“I would have announced months ago I would vote no, and not wait until the 11th hour,” the Tupelo Republican said in comments at a Thursday meeting of the Columbus Tea Party.

The meeting was held at the Holiday Inn.

Nunnelee, a Republican state senator from Tupelo, was referring to U.S. Rep. Travis Childers, who announced Thursday he would vote against the health care plan.

Nunnelee is running against Childers, a Democrat, for the congressional seat on the Republican ticket. Other Republican challengers include former Fox News commentator Angela McGlowan of Oxford and former Eupora Mayor Henry Ross.

Commercial Dispatch