From an email from the Central MS Tea Party…

SUBJECT: Despicable Political Tactics of the Cochran Campaign

By now, it is quite clear the establishment will stop at nothing to purge their party of good conservatives. They will shop for a favorable District Attorney who will bring their charges, and they will send police to arrest innocent men and charge them with crimes in the midst of a primary campaign. It is sickening, but they will stoop so low as to use the sad plight of a dying woman to gain political advantage.

The Central MS Tea Party (CMTP) is singularly focused on the June 3rd primary and the critical issues surrounding this campaign, which include escalating national debt, the erosion of Constitutional liberties (including our freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and rights to privacy) and the move to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants. The CMTP is committed to working to elect strong Constitutional candidates. In the 2011 election, we helped elect some of our existing elected officials and helped turn the House.

We fully support the McDaniel campaign’s statement that anyone involved in illegal activities should be held accountable. However, we believe the Cochran campaign must also be held to account for their despicable tactics during this campaign and Sen. Cochran’s refusal to have a public debate on the critical issues facing Mississippi. We believe that MS voters are NOT happy with the current direction of policies in Washington DC and want a leader who will stand up for MS. Chris McDaniel is that person, and we look forward to electing him on June 3, 2014.