Candidates for PSC talk about Kemper plant

(Cecil) Brown attended the meeting in Jackson. Bailey was out of town on business in Auburn, Ala., but did see a web-based version of the meeting.

“The Public Service Commission approved an interim emergency rate increase of 18 percent,” Brown said. “They set a hearing for November to see if they will make this a permanent increase. I think they approved it based on what the Kemper plant has up and running with its combined cycle with natural gas.”

Brown, who has more than 40 years experience as a certified public accountant/independent investment advisor and 15 years as a legislator in the state house, said he would have postponed the vote until the new commission comes into office in January.

“I don’t think this Public Service Commission was the appropriate body to make this decision,” Brown said. “I can understand if they feel justified to give Mississippi Power rate relief, but this is a lame duck body. They should have left it to the next commission.”

Meridian Star