Hall opposes MDA incentive

Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall has come out against a proposed Costco here along with a state sales tax rebate incentive the developer plans to use.

In a letter written to Wirt Yerger III regarding the Ridgeland resident’s concerns about the development, Hall said that many of the issues fall out of his jurisdiction as a Transportation Commissioner and that he has no influence over decisions made by the city, Costco or the Mississippi Development Authority…

…Hall then gave his opinion on the controversial sales tax rebate program offered by the Mississippi Development Authority for which the developers of the project have applied.

“I also agree it would not be profitable and most likely detrimental for the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to award Costco with funds from its Tourism Sales Tax Incentive Program,” he said. “Personally, I think this so-called incentive program for a retail business is something that should have never been enacted.”

Madison County Journal