It was less than ten years ago that Mississippi was the home of jackpot justice and many of our doctors were leaving the state because of outrageous lawsuits. Early in Haley Barbour’s term, the State passed what the Wall Street Journal called “the most comprehensive tort reform in the country.” In addition, the Mississippi Supreme Court is no longer controlled by the trial lawyers. This has made Mississippi much more attractive to businesses and helped us land many jobs throughout the State. Unfortunately, the leadership and control of the Supreme Court is at risk this election year. We are particularly concerned about the Supreme Court district in North Mississippi where Justice George Carlson is retiring.

This race in North Mississippi should be clear-cut. There is only one conservative running for this seat: Josiah Coleman. Josiah has already received endorsements from BIPEC, the Mississippi State Medical Association, the Mississippi Manufacturers Association and the Mississippi Republican Party. He has the legal integrity and experience to serve us well.

But while business organizations are rallying around Josiah, his opponent – Flip Phillips – is attempting to conceal his liberal Democrat ties. The truth is Flip Phillips is the former President of the Mississippi Trial Lawyer’s Association and has contributed upwards of $15,000 to Ronnie Musgrove, Jim Hood, Chuck McRae and the Democrat National Committee. He also led the legal effort to overturn the tort reform that helped stop trial lawyers from making Mississippi a legal hellhole.

We cannot stand idly by as conservatives are misled. We cannot let the trial lawyers take back control of the State Supreme Court. We solidly endorse Josiah Coleman for Supreme Court, and hope you will join us in supporting him. You can learn more about him, sign up to support his campaign, or make a contribution by visiting

Don’t wait to take this important step and get involved in this race, and feel free to contact any of us if you want more information on this important election.


Henry Barbour
Republican National Committeeman

Arnie Hederman
Immediate Past Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party

James Herring
Past Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party

Brad White
Past Chairman, Mississippi Republican Party