State Fire Marshal Arrests Unlicensed Jefferson Davis County Based Alarm Salesman

Jackson, MS – A Deputy Fire Marshal from the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office has made the first arrest of an unlicensed alarm salesman under authority given to him by the Mississippi Electronic Protection Act.

Brandon Black, owner of Black Opts Tech Solutions in Prentiss, MS was arrested and has been charged with a total of 10 Class III misdemeanor charges stemming from activities in the city of Columbia (Marion County) and in Jefferson Davis county.

Black faces multiple charges of engaging in alarm contracting without a license and engaging in false, misleading or deceptive acts or practices. With each charge he could be fined up to $1,000 and/or be imprisoned for not more than one year per each charge.

“I want to commend the Deputy Fire Marshal who led this investigation and made this arrest, he has protected the consumers of Mississippi by stopping an individual trying to circumvent the law” Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney said.

It should be noted that this individual is not part of the group of unauthorized individuals selling alarm systems that is reported to return to the area this time every year. That group was the subject of an alert sent out by the State Fire Marshal last month.

The sale, installation and monitoring of all residential alarm systems in Mississippi are regulated by the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office, per the

Mississippi Electronic Protection Licensing Act passed by the state legislature in 2006.

An important part of the licensing process includes criminal background checks on those who sell and install these systems as well as requiring these individuals to have the proper training to ensure competency.

“If someone comes to your door trying to sell an alarm system, they must have a license and photo ID issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. Ask them to show you these credentials,” Chaney said.

Chaney added that if the individual is unable to produce such an ID, that person may not be licensed or authorized to operate in the state and should be reported to the State Fire Marshal at 1-888-648-0877 or 601-359-1061. If the individual acts in a suspicious manner, you should contact local law enforcement authorities. If the individual is in a vehicle, write down and report the license tag number.