Chaney campaign contributions reach $448,000

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney has decided that being elected to a third term is worth nearly $500,000.

Chaney is being challenged by auto body shop owner John Mosley, who has put $158,000 into his campaign coffers from his own pocket as the two Republicans face each other on Aug. 4 in a primary that will decide who will be the next commissioner, as there are no Democratic opponents.

Chaney has spent heavily on television – $220,000. Other media buys include a digital ad that appears on various newspapers, including The New York Times website, when a Mississippian visits the site.

His total expenditures of $448,121.11 compare with $279,180 in campaign contributions, but he is left with $98,959.88 cash on hand, thanks to a carryover from his last previous campaign in 2011.


Chaney campaign contributions reach $448,000