Chaney says he’s more qualified than opponent

State Sen. Mike Chaney, R-Vicksburg, said 15 years in the Mississippi Legislature and a couple decades in private business make him the best qualified candidate.

“I’m qualified to do the job, and not only am I qualified, I will do the job as insurance commissioner. His (opponent Gary Anderson’s) track record is less than appealing, and that’s all I will say about him.”

Chaney, 63, faces Democratic nominee Anderson in the Nov. 6 general election.

Anderson was the state’s chief financial officer during the administration of former governor Ronnie Musgrove. Anderson edged incumbent insurance commissioner George Dale in the Aug. 7 primary.

Chaney was escorted around the county by state Sen. Doug Davis, R-Hernando, and Hernando Alderman Sam Lauderdale, an insurance agent. The candidate met with 30-40 people at Old Venice Pizza in Hernando.

Commercial Appeal