Chaney Speaks to American Subcontractors Association

Anderson is a “no-show”

JACKSON, MS – Mike Chaney, Republican nominee for Commissioner of Insurance, spoke today at the American Subcontractors Association’s monthly meeting at River Hills Country Club. The Democratic nominee for Insurance Commissioner, was invited but declined.

The forum was held to discuss the problems faced by many builders and subcontractors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. High insurance premiums and lack of insurance options were key issues at the forum. “If you can’t insure it; you can’t finance it. If you can’t finance it; you can’t build it. It is as simple as that.” said Senator Chaney.

Senator Chaney also commented on the importance of creating a diverse market for contractors to compete for jobs.

“High premiums affect the entire building and contracting industry“ Chaney said. “This limits the options for potential developers interested in building in our state. It is crucial that we provide available and affordable insurance to all sub-contractors in the state, otherwise we have a limited market not performing at its potential.”

“Competition is the key to economic success in almost every industry. The more insurance companies that are available translate into positive, consumer friendly premiums.” said Chaney. “However, insurance companies have duty to pay their customers when they have claims that are legitimate, period.” “When I’m elected as Insurance Commissioner, I’ll make sure that they do!”

Mike Chaney Campaign Release