Change of power for Dogs as well

Happy Inauguration Day everybody. I intended on getting up a blog much earlier today but a certain 18-month-old boy had other plans (cold and flu season, as you know). As ever, he’s my boss.

I’m sure everybody’s attention is on the Presidential Inauguration anyway. Mine certainly is. I’m watching as I’m blogging now. It’s an exciting time for our country no matter what side of the aisle you favor.
In a lot ways college sports are similar to our government’s system of power. Generally there’s a major personnel change about every four years or so. You could certainly say that this year at Georgia with Joe Cox moving in at quarterback for Matthew Stafford and, well, whomever moving in for Knowshon Moreno at tailback. Guess you could say Cox is the new prez and let’s say Caleb King as VP. Perhaps Georgia fans should throw an inaugural celebration later this year. Then again, I guess that’s what they call Picture Day.