Charlie Mitchell – Bryant is pro-diversity on energy

Somebody has to do the stuff that’s not sexy, the longer-term stuff, the stuff that will enable Mississippi to draw more job-creating investment that might actually break our increasing dependence on entitlements.

The good news is that Gov. Phil Bryant and majorities in the Legislature are taking actual steps toward positioning Mississippi as a leader in fossil-based and newer energy technologies. If Mississippi becomes a state with a reliable, ample and competitively-priced energy supply during the rest of this century and beyond, our children and grandchildren will do better.

We’re coming off several weeks in the national spotlight due to presidential primaries. It was hard on Mississippians who love this state. We are made to feel defensive by the repetition of statistics classifying us as poor, fat, stupid, beset by racism and determined to stay that way. Smugly self-righteous provocateurs, whose livelihood is dependent on demeaning people, are taken seriously when they should be ignored.

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