Passing Voter ID won’t thwart election cheats

OXFORD — Word is that voter ID will pass on Nov. 8. Fine. No problem requiring people to show a picture before voting. Calling it intimidation in 2011 is nonsense.

But it’s worse nonsense to think that placing a voter ID requirement in the Mississippi Constitution will, of itself, add integrity and trustworthiness to the electoral process.
It won’t.

Cheaters will still cheat — until or unless enough of them are sent to prison for making a mockery of the one-person, one-vote precept that is foundational to self-rule. Put an ID requirement in the vaunted position of the state’s organic law, but remember that it’s the people in the trenches — local polling places — who choose whether to cheat.

Magic wand “solutions” are everywhere in our culture. For example, term limits.

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