Senator Charlie Ross, a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, is taking his common sense, conservative message to the voters through a slate of radio spots now being aired statewide.

“It is important that the people of Mississippi stay informed as to the issues that affect them,” Senator Ross said. “By taking our message to the airwaves, we hope all Mississippians will see that our conservative policies are having a great positive impact on our great State.”

Ross’s Mississippi Minute is a series of 60 second commentaries on critical issues facing our state. One radio spot addresses the need to pass the “Sunshine Attorney Bill” which would provide review and oversight on the contracts state agencies and the Attorney General give to outside attorneys. The issue arose after Attorney General Jim Hood awarded a $14 million contract to one of his largest campaign donors.

In another radio spot, Senator Ross discusses the role comprehensive tort reform played in attracting the Toyota assembly plant to the state. Prior to the passage of the Tort Reform Act of 2004, Toyota decided against Mississippi, citing the state’s poor legal climate. This “model” legislation ensured that Mississippi’s legal climate would no longer be a reason for businesses to avoid the state. Senator Ross authored and championed the legislation.

“With strong leadership and vision, Mississippi’s future is truly bright,” Senator Ross said. “These radio messages are one way for Mississippians to hear how conservative ideals help Mississippi.”

Charlie Ross Campaign Press Release