Dear Friend,

I hope you and your family are doing well.

It’s November 1st! In just 5 days, we will have an opportunity to re-elect Governor
Haley Barbour and to elect Phil Bryant as our next Lt. Governor. Clearly, these
top races … and the additional statewide office races … are critical. And,
there are some equally important decisions being made on the legislative level.

That’s why I’m emailing you today. Elections are largely decided in the last 72
hours. Turnout is the key. To be successful, we must turn out our vote. We cannot
be complacent.

Sharon and I have always believed elections matter because leadership matters.
Up and down the ticket, our candidates have run strong campaigns and communicated
positive messages that leave us well-positioned for success. But, we must finish
strong by “getting out the vote.”

Please get involved and participate in the process. Talk to family and friends.
Talk to your co-workers and the people in your church. Walk a neighborhood. Every
little bit helps.

In addition, the MSGOP is organizing a statewide volunteer effort. The program
is coming together well, but there is a need for more volunteers and resources to
finish strong over the final 72 hours. If you are available, please contact Katy
or Meredith at 601-948-5191, or visit the website [].

Mississippi is heading in the right direction — tort reform has stopped lawsuit
abuse, the budget is in balance, and more people have jobs than ever before. Let’s
take advantage and build upon the momentum Governor Barbour and so many others have
created. We must all go to the polls and get out the vote this upcoming Tuesday,
November 6th!

Individually and collectively, we can make a difference.

Thanks and best wishes,

Charlie Ross
State Senator