Charter schools before House panel today

The charter school legislation slated to be taken up this morning by the House Education Committee gives A, B and C-accredited school districts authority to block them from locating within their boundaries and allows only 15 charter schools per year statewide.

Both the Education Committee and the full House have the authority to change the legislation, but Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, said Monday the proposal is written to address concerns of House opponents who killed charter schools last year.

ā€œI think the bill represents a very strong bipartisan effort on the part of the House,ā€ Gunn said. ā€œI think it is a strong charter school bill.ā€

Passing charter school legislation is a priority for Gunn, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and Gov. Phil Bryant, all Republicans. Last year there was enough Republican opposition in the GOP-controlled House to block passage.

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