Cheering for rivals doesn’t feel right
The Good Book says leopards shall lie down with goats.

It never said anything about Gators and Bulldogs, though. Neither did it mention Tigers and Gamecocks or Sooners and Longhorns.
Some things just aren’t done.
Yeah, every now and then those cute “House Divided” placards with logos from rival schools show up on cars, but the bet here is college football rivalries have caused more divorces than meddlesome mothers-in-law.
But could there be some instance in which a Plainsman will chant: “Roll Tide?” out of pride for the Southeastern Conference? Is there any circumstance in which a Buckeye will cheer on the Wolverines to boost the Big Ten’s image? Will Seminoles support Hurricanes for the sake of an improved ACC?
Will you ever invite your mother-in-law to move in?

That question only you can answer. The others will be addressed in this week’s mailbag.