Chicago Bears’ Jay Cutler stellar in return to Denver

DENVER — The boos started in earnest even before Jay Cutler ran onto the field for the Bears’ first series. These were not your run-of-the-mill, drown-out-the-visiting-team boos. These were mob-with-pitchforks, hide-the-women-and-children boos.
There was a traitor in their midst, and Broncos fans wanted him to know what they thought of him and what they would like to do to him, given half a chance and a medieval torture rack. It was like Bob Dylan hearing cries of “Judas” when he traded in his acoustic guitar for an electric model. Only louder and with more people wearing orange face paint.

And it never stopped Sunday night. To feel the wrath of a large city would be enough to buckle most people’s knees, but Cutler isn’t most people. He greeted the entire episode with a defiant chin and a sneer.