Childers and Nunnelee against Social Security privatization, only 1 wants to repeal Obamacare

TUPELO – Dueling news conferences brought U.S. Rep. Travis Childers and challenger Alan Nunnelee together today, figuratively, to oppose privatization of Social Security.

Childers, D-Booneville, was first up to bat, signing a pledge to protect Social Security from the Wall Street barons “who got us into this financial mess.”

A few minutes later, Republican Nunnelee of Tupelo echoed the pledge and also challenged Childers to reconsider repealing the nation’s new health care law.

For months, Childers has urged Nunnelee to tell the voters if he will fight Social Security privatization, which some Republicans suggest is one way to give people more control over their futures by allowing them to invest their contributions.

“I’m happy to see that after 22 months of his waffling,” Nunnelee planned to sign the protection pledge, Childers said when asked about the impending rival news event.

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