Childers and Taylor had lower party unity than switcher Griffith

A party unity score is defined as how often a member went with most of his or her own party against most members of the other party on legislative votes that broke mainly along party lines. The statistic is helpful in sorting out many of the procedural or symbolic votes where most of the House votes the same way.

When it comes to Democratic unity, Griffith ranked just lower than Indiana Rep. Baron P. Hill and just higher than Virginia Rep. Glenn Nye.

Other Democrats who ranked lower than Griffith during the 2009 session when it comes to party unity are Reps. Gene Taylor (Miss.) at 59 percent, Harry Mitchell (Ariz.) at 63 percent, Travis Childers (Miss.) at 63 percent, Heath Shuler (N.C.) at 68 percent, Frank Kratovil (Md.) at 68 percent.

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