The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal endorsed Travis W. Childers on Friday for the Democratic nomination in Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. The paper cited Childers’ experience as a four-term Chancery Clerk and businessman, his centrist political philosophy, economic development experience, and cooperative spirit as grounds for the endorsement.

Job creation and economic development have been steady themes throughout Childers’ campaign. “He has been a long-term activist in the Prentiss County Development Association and its economic-growth undertakings,” the Daily Journal said, referring to Childers’ economic development experience.

“Childers . . . is cast solidly in the mold of centrist Democrats who have held political office at local, district and state levels across our region for decades,” the endorsement said. “He understands the value of pragmatic bipartisanship on a personal and political level, and fits the mold of consensus-builder at a time when hyper-partisan agitation grips Congress.” The endorsement concluded by saying, “Childers, we believe, is best suited by a combination of temperament, approach and experience for the 1st District Democratic nomination.”

In response to the newspaper’s endorsement, Childers echoed a familiar refrain from his campaign by saying, “We have a great history in North Mississippi of getting things done by working together across regional, governmental and party lines. The Daily Journal and its founders have played no small part in fostering that sense of regionalism and cooperation. I am honored by their endorsement, and I want to take that North Mississippi spirit of bipartisanship and can-do attitude to Washington.”

Travis Childers Campaign Release