Dear Friends,

Last week, millions of Americans began losing unemployment insurance benefits, access to COBRA health insurance, and even federal flood insurance due to a partisan block in the Senate on legislation to extend provisions initially implemented under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In addition, doctors servicing both Medicare and TRICARE beneficiaries began facing reimbursement rate cuts that threaten seniors’ and veterans’ access to critical health care services.

I called on Congress to end partisan tactics and restore important benefits that North Mississippians depend on in today’s difficult economic climate. Thankfully, the Senate was ultimately able to pass this legislation, and it was signed into law later last week.

If we weren’t able to extend these benefits, more than 38,000 Mississippians would have lost state and federal unemployment relief over the next two months. I am pleased that the Senate was able to remedy the situation and will do everything I can to ensure that hard-working North Mississippi families quickly receive the benefits they so badly need.

Mississippians are also being threatened by some in Congress who plan to resurrect Social Security privatization, a policy that was soundly rejected by the American people during the previous administration. I have responded strongly in defense of Social Security and have called on all Members to reject a plan that would gamble the financial security of millions of hard-working Americans in our volatile stock market.

Americans want both parties to work together, but they don’t want to return to the failed policies of the past. Our seniors have worked hard throughout their lives and have made important contributions to our society. They deserve to know that their retirement is stable and secure without worrying whether their savings are being risked in the hands of Wall Street’s big bankers.

Everyday, I fight to hold Wall Street accountable for the irresponsible decision making that led our recent economic meltdown, and I will continue standing up to Wall Street to ensure that North Mississippi families and seniors receive the benefits they’ve earned and deserve.

As always, please continue to keep me informed about your opinions and concerns by phone at (202) 225-4306 or by visiting my website at


Congressman Travis W. Childers
First District, Mississippi