Childers feels heat as health vote closes in

Monday, Childers declined to say anything new about what he’ll do when the time comes.

Spokesman Dana Edelstein issued his oft-repeated stance:

“I remain committed to effective, fiscally responsible health care reform that will lower premiums for hard-working Mississippians, ensure coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions, prohibit federal funding for abortion and provide equal access to care for individuals in rural communities.”

Childers also has said America needs health care reform, but Congress needs “to get it right, not just get it fast.”

A vote could come this week.

Dr. Marty Wiseman, director of the Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University, terms it “one heck of a leap of faith” that Childers could support the overhaul in hopes that his Northeast Mississippi constituency could come to embrace it.

“If he could be able to point to his vote, down the road, and say I voted yes when nobody else would,” Wiseman reflected, “it’s a very long leap and it would be difficult.”