Childers: Fight to Restore Citizens’ Second Amendment Rights Not Over

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Travis Childers (MS-01) released the following statement in response to the House of Representatives pulling legislation to end Washington, D.C.’s gun ban from the floor schedule:

“I am deeply disappointed that upcoming legislation authored by myself and Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana to end D.C.’s unconstitutional gun ban has been pulled from the House’s floor schedule. However, this fight is not over. When, nearly two years ago, D.C.’s City Council defied a Supreme Court ruling to protect citizens’ right to bear arms, it violated the fundamental rights upon which this great country was founded. I remain committed to overturning D.C.’s gun ban – a critical step towards ensuring that these rights are permanently safeguarded for all Americans. I plan to move forward with introducing this important bipartisan legislation in the near future, and will urge leadership to bring our bill to the floor without delay.”

The NRA has consistently supported Childers and his colleagues’ efforts to overturn Washington, D.C.’s gun ban, and are proponents of language included in a current draft of the Childers-Souder bill.

Childers Press