Gallo Notes:

Chancery Clerk of Prentiss County and 1st District Congressional Candidate Travis Childers made good on his promotional pledge and gave away gave on the first pit shop of a three legged tour. GRIT (Gallo Research Investigative Team) reports he was buying gas for licensed drivers (hopefully a registered voters) in Grenada today (Thursday). Some may see this as vote buying , but I understand it’s totally legal to do so. There may be some requirement pertaining to campaign finance reports, but it’s a good gimmick.
The premise of the gas gimmick was to inform voters that the $1.25 a gallon that he was offering was the price in 1997 when Greg Davis was a legislator and voted for some fuel tax increase. I’ve asked Mayor Davis this question and he will respond at 7:05 a.m. Friday morning.

BUT HOLD ON.…if our GRIT report was correct, Childers may not get as much mileage as he had hoped from his gimmick. The report is that all the gas was purchased at the CITGO station. That would be Chavez’s CITGO station. You can’t make this stuff up. And by the way, don’t you love the way Democrats stay away from negative advertising? Bless their sweet hearts.


-The GOP is pulling out all the stops before Tuesday’s race. We have been in contact with the White House and they are trying to line up V.P. Cheney for Friday’s show.
-Rumors on the Special Session have it either called for Wed. May 21st, or Wed. May 28th.
-Rumors also state there may be three items on the agenda. Developing
-I’ve heard from several sources that some unnamed liberals in the state are licking their lips to the prospect of having a Congressman Childers in Washington energize the VPAC for the likes of Billy McCoy and his boys. If Childers wins, democrats in Mississippi and Washington will be celebrating Christmas early this year. At least those who still do celebrate Christmas. I can just see Travis Childers, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Benny Thompson holding hands and singing “Joy to the World!” It’s enough to give you…..gas!