Alan Nunnelee Lies to North Mississippi Voters Again in New Ad

Nunnelee doesn’t cite a single source, will say anything

Booneville, MS – In his new ad released yesterday, Alan Nunnelee continues his lies to North Mississippi voters on taxes and jobs. The ad lacks sources for its claims, once again proving that Alan Nunnelee will say anything and is still playing politics at the expense of hard-working North Mississippians.

“Alan Nunnelee is still telling lies about where he stands on important issues like jobs and taxes. The truth is that Nunnelee will say anything on just about anything,” said Dana Edelstein, Childers for Congress Communications Director. “He has a proven record of playing political games with education and Social Security, and now he can’t be trusted to keep his word on taxes or jobs. In fact, there’s not a single issue of importance to North Mississippians that Alan Nunnelee hasn’t broken his word on.”

In the ad, Nunnelee says that unemployment is at 13%, but doesn’t cite a source and fails to inform voters that they have him to blame for the state’s jobless rate. While Travis Childers has fought to create jobs throughout Mississippi, Nunnelee needlessly slashed education funding, creating thousands of layoffs while hundreds of millions of dollars sit unused in Jackson. Recently, Nunnelee worked to block critical funding to create and save an estimated 2,000 teaching jobs.

Nunnelee also makes unfounded claims in the ad that he’s cut taxes and his opponent has raised them, but includes no citations. The truth is that Alan Nunnelee has lied to North Mississippians by twice signing a pledge to never raise taxes and then breaking his word by raising gas and property taxes and raising taxes on sick people in hospital beds. [Americans for Tax Reform Press Release, 7/21/2003; The Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signers] And now he supports a 23% sales tax increase on everything Mississippi families buy, including medicine, cars, gas, groceries, and guns.

Travis Childers has worked hard to improve our economy by putting money back into North Mississippians’ pockets. He passed one of the biggest middle-class tax cuts in American history, benefitting 99% of North Mississippi families and individuals. He’s also helped thousands of Mississippi families afford new homes by leading the way to extend the successful first-time homebuyer tax credit. And he’s consistently worked to provide small businesses with tax incentives to spur job creation and economic growth.

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