Nunnelee Can’t Get His Facts Straight, Is More Out of Touch Than Ever

State Senator Raises Taxes to Pay for His Education Cuts

Booneville, MS – Today, State Senate Appropriations Chair Alan Nunnelee got his facts wrong again when he claimed that a bill to create and save 2,000 education jobs in Mississippi was “a publicity stunt” that would increase the deficit. [North Mississippi Daily Journal, 8/25/10] The truth is that the Education Jobs Bill, recently passed by Congress and signed into law, is fully paid-for and doesn’t add a penny to our national debt or deficit. [U.S. House Committee on Appropriations, 8/10/10; Congressional Budget Office] In fact, the bill helps prevent further property tax increases resulting from Nunnelee’s education budget cuts. [North Mississippi Daily Journal, 8/7/10]

What isn’t fully paid-for is Alan Nunnelee’s massive slashing of our education budget while hundreds of millions of dollars in Recovery Act and reserve funds remain unused in Jackson. These cuts have led to thousands of school layoffs, created over-crowding in our children’s classrooms, and reduced the quality of learning in our schools. And how has Nunnelee tried to “pay for” these cuts? By forcing our school districts to raise property taxes, causing hard-working North Mississippians to dig deeper into their pockets during today’s tough times.

“My opponent needs to spend less time playing politics with our children’s education and more time reading up on the facts,” said Travis Childers. “The legislation I supported to save and create 2,000 education jobs in Mississippi was fully paid-for. And I’m sure the North Mississippi teachers whose jobs are at risk don’t see this piece of critical legislature as some sort of stunt. Meanwhile, Alan Nunnelee’s cuts to education have cost Mississippi taxpayers even more than jobs and a quality education – they’ve raised taxes and jeopardized our children’s ability to secure good-paying jobs in the future.”

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