Nunnelee Files Inflated, Dishonest Fundraising Numbers

Booneville, MS – State Senator Alan Nunnelee is once again being dishonest with the people of North Mississippi. In an attempt to inflate his second quarter fundraising numbers, Nunnelee reported an individual donation of $12,000 – $7,200 more than any individual is legally allowed to give during the campaign cycle.

A recent Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal story cited that Nunnelee’s campaign had “nearly $9,000 more in its coffers than advisers thought” on the July 15th filing deadline [“Official reports show details of 1st District campaign money,” Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 7/16/10]. It turns out that the great majority of this “extra” money will have to be paid back and doesn’t actually count towards Nunnelee’s second quarter funds at all.

“This is a guy who’s credibility can’t be trusted and now it turns out he inflated his finance numbers, too,” said Childers Senior Advisor Brad Morris. “He broke his pledge not to raise taxes and has now filed a dishonest campaign finance report that appears to be a violation of FEC rules. When can he be trusted?”

Second quarter finance reports show Travis Childers’ war chest exceeding Nunnelee’s, $903,000 to $233,000. Now that Nunnelee has to refund $7,200, Travis’ cash-on-hand advantage is more than 4 to 1. Travis has been outraising his opponent since the June 1st primary.

Childers Press