Childers reaches out to Desoto voters

You may recall last January FOX13 News reported on Mrs. Bridgeforth’s enthusiasm about joining her friend, Kelli Jacobs, on a one-thousand mile fourteen hour car trip to see President Obama’s inauguration. But, even with one of those sought after “gold tickets” compliments of Mississippi Congressman, Travis Childers, in hand, all didn’t prove so golden for the walker-constricted Mrs. Bridgeforth on that frigid January day. A Secret Service gate closing left her and her niece standing in the cold for hours….while an unsuspecting Kelli held a place for her friend who never got there.

Mississippi Congressman Childers reflects, “I told her I would make it right and I honestly did know that day what I would do. But, I did tell her that I would make it right.”

Now, don’t you just know where this story is headed…don’t ‘cha? Well, Congressman Childers starts talking to his wife Tammy about Mrs. Bridgeforth and…..

Childers continued, “We thought about this and I talked to Tammy and Tammy said I would gladly give up that opportunity to let her. To let Mrs. Bridgeforth do that.”

Childers relates, “We’re gonna pick her up. We’re gonna take care of her just like she’s a queen the whole time she’s here. Til’ we put her back on that plane to get her back to Memphis and Desoto County.”

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