Childers: Washington Needs to End Partisanship, Stand Up for Working Americans
Congressman Responds to Blocked Unemployment Benefits Extension

Washington, DC – On Sunday at midnight, millions of Americans began losing unemployment benefits due to a partisan block in the Senate on legislation to extend provisions initially implemented under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In response, Congressman Travis Childers (MS-01) called on Congress to end partisan tactics and restore important benefits that hard-working North Mississippians depend on in today’s difficult economic climate.

“This disgraceful political posturing is yet another indication that many in Washington are out of touch with reality. Congress needs to put a stop to partisanship and get back to what’s important – uplifting hard-working Americans who are struggling to make ends meet during today’s tough times. Because of last week’s petty partisan tactics, millions of Americans are losing unemployment insurance benefits, access to COBRA health insurance, and even federal flood insurance. In addition, doctors servicing both Medicare and TRICARE beneficiaries are facing reimbursement rate cuts that threaten seniors’ and veterans’ access to critical health care services. If we don’t extend these benefits immediately, more than 38,000 Mississippians will lose state and federal unemployment relief over the next two months. I urge the Senate to remedy the situation as quickly as possible and will do everything I can to ensure that hard-working North Mississippi families receive the benefits they so badly need.”

Childers Press