Will Nunnelee Keep His Word to Seniors, Resign as Leading Advocate for Privatization?

Booneville, MS – On Wednesday, State Senator Alan Nunnelee claimed he had been opposed to Social Security privatization since the beginning of the campaign. But not only has Nunnelee been going along with plans to gamble away seniors’ Social Security benefits for the past 7 months, he also currently chairs a corporate-funded group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that has backed Social Security privatization by adopting privatized alternatives to Social Security as model legislation. Now that he says he’s opposed to privatization, will Nunnelee keep his word to North Mississippians and resign from his chairmanship?

“North Mississippi seniors deserve to know if Alan Nunnelee is serious about his claims to oppose Social Security privatization or if he’s just playing another one of his political games,” said Dana Edelstein, Childers for Congress Communications Director. “Nunnelee says he’s been against privatizing Social Security for months, but we already know that’s a lie. So will Nunnelee keep his word to our seniors and resign from his leading role as an advocate for privatizing Social Security, or will he continue his record of broken promises?”

Travis Childers has been standing up for North Mississippi seniors from the beginning and he’s done what he said he would do to protect them. He’s brought back $2.75 million to the district in Social Security benefits, has worked to make seniors’ medications more affordable, and has opposed Social Security privatization and plans to raise the retirement age from day one.