Chizik, AU ready to wow recruits

AUBURN – Earlier this week, new Auburn football coach Gene Chizik gave his first pep talk. Today, when recruits arrive for weekend visits, is the Tigers’ first game day. By Sunday, he should be able to count up the wins and losses.
That’s how Chizik is framing the first recruiting weekend of his tenure. Coaches hope to have 10 or 11 official and unofficial visitors this weekend, including a mixture of longtime Auburn recruits and prospects sought by the new staff.
“We met last night with our hosts, the players who are going to be helping us for the week,” Chizik said. “I told them this is like game day. That’s the importance of these weekends. We have three (weekends), and all three have to be home runs. At the end of the day, you win or you lose. It’s really that cut and dried.”