Chow’s offensive genius makes Bruin No. 1

Norm Chow, UCLA
Ben Olson has earned this shot. So have a lot of octogenarians with walkers, but they can’t throw a tight spiral. Both the old and the Olson do have a shared trait, though: Battered, stretched and worn limbs. In this case, whether you’re a senior at UCLA or in the eyes of the AARP, it’s never too early to be looking forward to meeting your savior.
He tells you to do something you don’t question it, you do it,” Olson said of his personal coaching deity.
Olson is fired up. He can’t help it. Norm Chow is his fourth offensive coordinator in the quarterback’s four seasons at UCLA. That is usually not a good thing. Benjamin James Olson, though, is lucky beyond belief. No offense to his previous OCs but the inconsistent, often-injured quarterback just inherited the best person to teach him consistency. Maybe the best ever. That’s why it was easy for Chow to be the offensive coordinator of’s dream staff.

In college football’s 138-year history, a comparative handful of quarterbacks have been able to kneel at the throne of the 62-year-old master. Three of those chosen few have won Heismans (Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart). Detmer was the NCAA’s career passing leader for 13 years until he was passed by Hawaii’s Tommy Chang four years ago.
Olson, a 25-year-old senior, gets his chance this season. One and done under the Yoda of the offensive playbook.
“I’m very excited,” Olson said. “Coach Chow, he brings that instant credibility and respect.”