We interrupt our regular coverage to bring you this special report.

After some much ballyhooed buildup of a “major announcement”, Chris McDaniel announced today his announcement from two months ago – it’s time to raise some money. United Conservatives Fund has been born, or born again, complete with the McDaniel logo flame (as only a subtle reminder). But it’s not about McDaniel. At least he said so in his press release. The fact that he’s sporting competitive normcore on the front page of the website should not detract your attention one bit.

The “membership” they’re seeking is $25/month (that’s $300/year) for the PAC would be led by its members to support candidates. No word yet on whether bitcoins will be accepted as payment.

And Matt Boyle at Breitbart, who apparently still has a big ole journalistic man crush on Chris McDaniel, got the “exclusive” of the two month old story (certainly Chuck Johnson can not be far behind as the band tries to get back together).

So if you’re near a truck stop, a Cracker Barrel or a Holiday Inn throughout Mississippi next week during the legislative session, look out . . . UCF is coming to get you to write a check (or twelve).

Most interestingly, in McDaniel’s (err Breitbart’s) article, it mentioned at least a couple of potential political paths rumored for McDaniel.

One path would be for him to challenge Jim Hood for Mississippi Attorney General. It’s true that they would likely spend most of the campaigns arguing about who has embarrassed themselves in front of the Mississippi Supreme Court the most. The slight edge goes to McDaniel, but it’s really too close to call. But generally speaking, in a straight head-to-head race, Hood would likely beat McDaniel handily. And that’s assuming McDaniel could get through a primary as rumors still swirl that Andy Taggart is considering a run on the Republican side.

The next path that was suggested would be that McDaniel would run against Lt. Governor Tate Reeves. Put simply, Reeves would politically skull-crush McDaniel in a primary, head-to-head. It’s been rumored that Reeves has already locked down the endorsement of just about every other Republican state senator for re-election (minus the McGop 4 or 5).

The final path that was suggested was that McDaniel would take on US Rep. Steven Palazzo in 2016. Now, that could actually happen. It was long rumored that McDaniel had the “McDaniel for US Representative” logo for his bus drawn up at the same time the “McDaniel for US Senate” logo was designed last time around. There was real thought about challenging Palazzo. Compounding that analysis was that McDaniel got more primary votes that Steven Palazzo did in his own district (though obviously the two weren’t running against each other).

Given that McDaniel seems to be absolutely hyperventilating to get to the big spotlight of the DC Beltway after already having measured the curtains once, it would seem that the UCF (flame and all) seems to be geared toward keeping name ID and prepping him for that potential run. Palazzo certainly has a while to get his ducks in a row and it would set up a big Coast vs. Pine Belt showdown. In 2010, it was the Pine Belt that really pushed Palazzo over the top, so that would be a fun race to watch, and you can bet that Palazzo will start taking the threat very seriously right now. Of course, Ingalls remains a huge thorny issue for McDaniel. His then comms guy and now communications guy for the UCF, Keith Plunkett, argued mid-campaign that the Navy didn’t really want the ships Ingalls was making and portrayed the LPD 28 Naval ship system as “unwanted and unneeded”. That’s the kind of stuff that would generally cause a problem in a US House campaign on the Coast.

The last option that the article didn’t mention is that McDaniel could just form a Presidential exploratory committee. Certainly there are liberty-lovers in Iowa, right?

Good day Mississippi – and good luck.