McDaniel Calls on Senator Cochran to Lead Common Core Opposition in Mississippi

Republican Chris McDaniel today called on Senator Thad Cochran to lead Mississippi GOP in opposition to federal implementation of Common Core. There will be a vote in the Mississippi State Legislature this week on this year’s education budget, H.B. 1476.

“Common Core is yet another federal usurpation of the rights of free people to determine what is best for themselves and their children,” said McDaniel. “Not only will Common Core negatively impact the ability of states and school districts to determine what works best for them, it also poses a serious problems for students who have benefited from expanded school choice,” he continued. “As a long-tenured leader in this state it is time Senator Cochran took a vocal stand against Common Core and asked the GOP in Mississippi to stop Common Core in its tracks.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 4, Chris McDaniel and conservatives in the Mississippi State Senate introduced an amendment that would remove funding for Common Core. Sadly, the amendment was only able to garner five votes. The bill will now proceed to the floor for debate.

Chris McDaniel Campaign Release