McDaniel camp cancels meeting for mysterious Meridian event

Noel Fritsch, communications director for Chris McDaniel, called at 9:25 a.m. to tell me McDaniel would not be able to make the scheduled 2 p.m. editorial board meeting with The Clarion-Ledger because of what he called a “scheduling snafu.” It seems they have a 4 p.m. even in Meridian, and they can’t do the editorial board meeting and make the event.

Fritsch did say he would reschedule the meeting for later this week. The call lasted 51 seconds, and he hung up before I could ask about details of the event.

So, at 9:29 a.m. I emailed and asked him for the details so we could send a reporter and photographer. His reply a minute later:

should be on media advisory

At 9:44 a.m. I called to let him know we could do the editorial board meeting earlier if that would help. He didn’t answer, but he called back two minutes later. In a call lasting on minute, he told me that their schedule was too booked and that it couldn’t be today. He did say he had already emailed the scheduler to request a new time this week. That’s fine. Things come up…

Before we got off the phone, I asked for the details on the Meridian event. He told me they were on the media advisory. “That’s why I send out a media advisory, so you guys will have those details,” he told me. I explained that I didn’t have the media advisory in front of me and couldn’t he just tell me the details while we were on the phone.

He explained that he was too busy. He has lots of media requests — mostly national, he added — and that things were hectic. “I just need to know where,” I said. “Meridian,” he replied. “That’s all I know.” He then instructed me to look at the media advisory.

So, I did. Guess what: There’s not a Meridian event listed.

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