U.S. Senate Candidate Chris McDaniel Hires Seasoned Communications Director

Candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel (R-Laurel) announced today that he has hired seasoned campaign and Capitol Hill staffer Noel Fritsch as his communications director.

Fritsch joins the McDaniel campaign after working in legislative affairs and communications on Capitol Hill with Rep. Steve Stockman (TX-36).

He has previously directed communications for candidates Gary DeLong on his NRCC targeted U.S. House race in California’s 47th congressional district, and Evan Feinberg in his primary challenge to Tim Murphy for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania’s 18th district.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to elect proven conservative Chris McDaniel to the U.S. Senate, where he’ll help reinforce the reform oriented agenda Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul are working so diligently for,” said Fritsch.

“It’s clear our country needs more stand-up conservatives who are willing to put their political careers on the line by taking a principled stand against the out-of-control growth of government, and Chris McDaniel will do just that,” added Fritsch. “I’m proud to stand beside such a principled, conservative leader.”

“We’re putting together a principled team of the hardest working, brightest minds who will give us the tools to lead our grassroots campaign to victory,” said McDaniel of the new hire. “Not only does Noel bring a great deal of experience and talent to our team but he also possesses an intense commitment to the core principles of our campaign.”

Sojourner continued, “We could not be happier with the team we’re putting together and we look forward to introducing the rest of Team McDaniel in the days and weeks ahead.”

Opportunities to speak with the candidate are available for members of the media upon request. Please contact Noel Fritsch at 202-374-7371 or email him at [email protected]