Cochran Super PAC Must Disclose all Information Tied to Potentially Illegal Loan

The campaign of conservative Senate candidate Chris McDaniel called on a pro-Cochran super PAC to publicize all information about a potentially illegal loan the super PAC used to run negative ads against McDaniel.

According to Roll Call and the super PAC’s own FEC filing, the pro-Cochran super PAC received a $250,000 loan from Trustmark Bank without any guarantors to the loan.

The Cochran super PAC insists the loan was based on cash collateral, but Breitbart reported today that the Cochran super PAC did not have sufficient contributions in its account to secure the loan.

And now, the Cochran super PAC alleges that the $250,000 loan is “secured by a certificate of deposit belonging to an unidentified third party,” according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

Who is the “unidentified third party” funding dishonest attack ads against Chris McDaniel?

“It is time for the Cochran Super PAC to disclose all details of its potentially illegal loan,” McDaniel spokesman Noel Fritch said. “It is illegal for super PACs to take undisclosed contributions, and the Cochran super PAC’s refusal to identify the third party guarantor violates federal election law. Is the Washington D.C. establishment so desperate to keep Senator Cochran in office that it is willing to break the law?”

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