McDaniel Asks: Does Cochran Want to Return to Earmarks?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel today called on six-term incumbent Senator Thad Cochran to tell Mississippi Republicans he wants to overturn the Republican-supported ban on earmarks.

In an interview with Roll Call last week, Sen. Cochran touted his ability to spend taxpayer dollars and his ability to work with the Obama administration to deliver spending projects to Mississippi and to states other than Mississippi.

When asked if he would like to return to the days of earmarks, Sen. Cochran replied: “There are ways to persuade the administration on issues that are important to, you know, not just Mississippi but other — our region and other states as well. It’s not all just a matter of appropriating money, but policies that are importing to help small towns and rural communities and those who live there enjoy a high quality of life.”

In 2010, Sen. Cochran was one of only eight Republicans to vote against an earmark moratorium (RC #255, 11/30/10). He also has a long history of supporting egregiously wasteful earmarks like the Bridge to Nowhere (RC #262, 10/20/05) and emergency spending for the 2008 presidential conventions (RC #121, 03/28/07).

“The earmark ban is critical to helping restore the public’s trust in their elected officials and make some modest progress in curing Washington’s spending addiction,” McDaniel said. “Mississippi voters deserve to know: Is Senator Cochran so outside the mainstream of the Republican Party that he wants to overturn the earmark ban and force taxpayers to pay for wasteful projects like the Bridge to Nowhere again?”

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