Republican McDaniel discussed United States Senate Platform

MSU College Republicans president Caroline Collins said the College Republicans discussed not hosting the event.

“We are just making people aware of the event so that they can attend if they would like,” Collins said. “We cannot endorse a candidate until after the primary. Many College Republicans are involved with McDaniel’s campaign, but the MSU College Republicans will not be involved in a campaign until after the primary.”

Tony Laudadio, secretary of MSU College Republicans, said Sen. McDaniel’s speaking skills are one of his strong points.

“I think Sen. McDaniel is very direct, to the point and answered the questions he was asked. He was a very effective speaker and presenter overall,” Laudadio said.

Supporters of Thad Cochran, the incumbent U.S. Senator, were seen at the event with plaques and stickers.

John Alan Yerger, Yazoo City resident and a Cochran supporter, said he just attended McDaniel’s event to support Cochran.

“It seems like they agree on a lot of same things, so I need to evaluate them,” Yerger said.

McDaniel denied any affiliations to white nationalist groups after the event.

“I don’t have any affiliations with those groups. I have no idea what all that’s about,” McDaniel said.

“Any involvement of the Black Student Alliance at the event was only a rumor,” a representative said.

McDaniel also said he has plans to resolve the immigration issue and federal assistance to foreign countries.

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