Republican Primary Race is Heating Up

Other recent controversy includes accusations that McDaniel had agreed to speak at a gun show in Guntown, Mississippi that featured a vendor selling white pride merchandise. McDaniel says he never agreed to speak at the gun show. McDaniel also says, “I don’t associate with white supremacists, and the insinuation that I do is just a nasty and desperate attempt from those out there that have a lot to gain.”

Earlier this month, the Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, Joe Nosef, told NBC News he wanted McDaniel to clarify his position on the gun show. In response, the Mississippi Tea Party groups have called for Nosef to resign. Grant Sowell, the Chairperson of the Tupelo Tea Party, says, “We have joined that call that either he resign or remain neutral.”

In response to that statement, Nosef released his own statement to News 25. He says, “I’ve not only stayed neutral with regard to the candidates, but also worked relentlessly against efforts to divide our party.” McDaniel says the recent criticism is nothing more than mudslinging by the Cochran campaign, and his supporters in the Tea Party say they know the true root of the criticism.