McDaniel’s Five Promises to Mississippi

Laurel, MS – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Chris McDaniel today announced his “Five Promises to Mississippi” on the heels of endorsing Sen. Mike Lee’s Conservative Reform Agenda last week.

“My Five Promises to Mississippi represent the critical change in direction Mississippi has needed during the last four decades Sen. Cochran has been in Washington,” McDaniel said of his plan. “The plan is rooted in policy reform that addresses America’s opportunity crisis. These proposals create an environment for upward mobility among the poor, stability and opportunity in the middle-class and eliminates cronyist privilege – where only the wealthy and well-connected succeed,” he concluded.

Chris McDaniel knows that conservatives must not only fight to roll-back the presidents progressive policies but actually roll-out a positive agenda which creates opportunity for ALL Mississippians and citizens throughout the country to take part in the American dream.
McDaniel’s Five Promises to Mississippi
Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

Obamacare is crippling our economy. It has to go, and should be replaced by common sense, market-based policies like inter-state insurance portability, individual tax incentives, and tort reform.

Term-limit Legislation

In order to eliminate the permanent political class entrenched in Washington, D.C., Chris will push for a constitutional amendment for term limits (12 years in Senate, 6 years in House)

Dealing with National Debt, Deficits and Spending

The greatest threat to our nation is our $17 trillion national debt and Washington’s out-of-control spending. If we do not get our financial house in order, our freedom, economy and way of life will not last.

Chris will sign-on to a balanced budget amendment to force Washington to live within its means just like the people of Mississippi do every day, and vote for a permanent ban on earmarks.

Family and Business Tax Reform

Chris believes that for our economy and communities to thrive and succeed we must remove the oppressive tax penalties assessed on our nation’s economic drivers—families, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Chris will fight to eliminate the marriage and parent tax penalties and to repeal the death tax. These three sets of taxes are unfair and hurt hard-working Mississippi families.

He will also work to reduce our highest-in- the-world corporate tax rate to encourage economic investment and spur job-growth.

Anti-Cronyism and Free Market legislation

Senator McDaniel knows that the best way to improve the economy and create real jobs is to get government out of the way. The government should not be picking winners and loser in the marketplace nor should it be placing unnecessary regulatory burdens on businesses.

Chris will fight to end corporate welfare, including bailouts, carve-outs and handouts to special interests. Americans deserve nothing less than an all-out assault on crony capitalism manifested in wasteful bailouts like those for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and those for insurance companies to protect them from obamacare.
Chris’s Five Promises to Mississippi Bus Tour
These promises for Mississippi will begin to help drive the kind of positive conservative agenda Mississippi wants and our nations desperately needs. As Chris McDaniel travels on his statewide bus tour across Mississippi, he will introduce his Five Promises to Mississippi to voters. While Senator Cochran is hiding from voters and the media, McDaniel will be be stopping in 25 towns all across the state. Over the final seven days of this campaign Chris McDaniel will criss-cross the state sharing these promises and solutions with voters. This race is about the future and which candidate has both a vision and an agenda to meet the challenges of our time.

McDaniel concluded by saying, “It is time to talk about specifics instead of spin and policy instead of politics as usual. My opponent has been unwilling to debate the issues and has been silent on any specifics of what he would do with 6 more years on top of the 42 he has already spent in Washington. I have an agenda to help the people of this state and I will raise Mississippi’s voice in the United States Senate.”

McDaniel has been endorsed by a wide array of elected officials and organizations, including , Gary Bauer, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Phyllis Schlafly, Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Gun Owners of America, Madison Project, National Association for Gun Rights, Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Express, and Tea Party Patriots, Coalition to Reduce Spending, and Young Americans for Liberty.

Chris McDaniel Press Release