Glenn Beck: Can I ask you a question about this video of Thad Cochran’s wife in a nursing home . . . that they’re blaming on the Tea Party, which we’ll get into in a second. Can you explain what that is?

Chris McDaniel: I can. I’ll give it a shot. There was a blogger down here. He was acting pretty much by himself. And he apparently somehow took a picture of Senator Cochran’s wife. That picture it was then later it seems used as part of some video he created. And they’re of course trying to pin that on the Tea Party and others.

GB: Hang on. Before you brush this buy. Before we get into this. I don’t even know if you know this. Stu looked into this blogger. I want to show you how “Tea Party” like he is. Remember I told you, be very careful who you’re standing next to.

Stu: I was looking at his website. He had posted articles about how you, Glenn Beck are apparently in the CIA and heavily involved in the Council on Foreign Relations . . . . (other chatter). This is not a Tea Party Group. This is a nutjob conspiracy theorists that has nothing to do with the McDaniel campaign in any way.

GB: And everything to do with the usual suspect that’s not going to be named that everyone knows. BUt the usual suspects. That’s what these people do.

Stu: And the media has made it seem as if you decided to send this guy up to get this photo of this guy’s ailing wife.

CM: And that’s just absolutely ridiculous. We had absolutely no contacts or knowledge of this guy whatsover. And we’ve condemned it completley and wholly. It’s absolutely ridiculous that he’s taken this kind of action.

GB: (Other chatter) – That was not the Tea Party. But the mainstream media will make it look like the Tea Party. I WARN YOU. Get away from the Malcolm X voices of this movement. I WARN YOU. Get away from them.