Chris McDaniel unveils conservative PAC in Tupelo

TUPELO – Former U.S. Senate candidate and current state Sen. Chris McDaniel announced Friday night in Tupelo the creation of the United Conservatives Fund.

While he will be the chairman of the PAC, he said he will not receive payments from the grassroots political action committee.

“I plan on putting $25,000 in it to start and then $500 per month,” said McDaniel. “I will receive no salary, no reimbursements, not a dime.”…

…In addition to spreading the message through paid advertisements, the PAC funds will go to pay a paid full-time staff as well as supporting local candidates both financially and through endorsements…

…“We have a lack of unity. Our party is so divided, we have two enemies – on one side is the Republican establishment, on the other side the Democratic Party.”

Daily Journal