Chris McDaniel campaign coalitions manager Scott Brewster had at least some publicly documentable interaction with Clayton Kelly on April 26, the reported date that the video that Kelly now sits in Madison City Jail for, was posted and then taken down.

Going back to Geoff Pender’s Saturday interview with Brewster, he said,

“I do remember when it came out,” Brewster said. “I think people made some phone calls (to have it removed). I didn’t personally — nobody personally talked to (Kelly). I don’t know if anybody made phone calls about it. I’m not sure. Just, I remember all of a sudden it was gone.”

This brings up all sorts of questions, but it’s undeniable that there was some verifiable connectivity between paid campaign staffers and Kelly on or about the day the video was posted. The investigation is ongoing and according to multiple news accounts, Kelly is fully cooperating with authorities and subpoenas have been issued.

The facebook post from Clayton Kelly reads “The establishment wants you to think you cannot get involved and change things. We outnumber them. Liberty is popular and spreads like fire.”

The post is embedded below. If you click on the number of likes (currently 29), you can scroll down through the likes and see Brewster’s like of the post.

If that doesn’t work, here’s the screenshot.