McDaniel promises to fight in Senate for the people of Mississippi, not political aristocracy

McDaniel quickly hit on two of his familiar themes — ending the federal debt and Obamacare.

“We’re borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar just to fund the federal government,” the Ellisville Republican said. “Our country is in big trouble.”

He said that can’t be changed until there is new leadership.

“It begins with that initial principle that we have to change the people we send there,” he said. “They seem to be more concerned about party politics, or more concerned about perpetuating their own lifestyles than they are about doing the right thing for the country.

“I’m not speaking specifically about Sen. Cochran when I say that, I’m talking about a broad number of people up there that have created a political aristocracy.”

He said some, like Cochran, don’t come home enough to know what the state needs from them.

“They feel insulated,” he said. “If you feel otherwise, try to get them on the phone. Try to have one come to Mississippi to conduct an interview.”

He said if the people win a couple of elections, “remind that government that it works for us, not the other way around, then you’ll have a much more responsive government from both sides.”

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