PLUNKETT: Should Hosemann Be Expending State Resources On Cat Island?

Not to be outdone in his statement to the media, Hosemann tried to paint the acquisition as an historic event that our “grandchildren’s grandchildren” would be able to enjoy. And just to be sure the over-exaggeration was fully understood, he used the word treasure, not once but twice.

“After two centuries, Mississippi is getting its island back,” Hosemann said. “Cat Island is a special treasure because of its natural beauty and the protection it offers the Mississippi Gulf Coast. By finalizing this acquisition, we are ensuring your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be able to enjoy this natural treasure in perpetuity.”

Cat Island is a beautiful place.

But when a guy obviously as ambitious as Hosemann is to run for higher office begins overpitching the transfer of a land deed as somewhere near the historical equivalence of the signing of the Magna Carta, one has to wonder if he hasn’t spent a little too much time talking to cameras. Of course, Hosemann has to see that, at 69-years old, his window of opportunity for a higher elected office is getting smaller by the day.

MS Pep