One of State Senator Chris McDaniel’s 2014 recount attorneys, Steve Thornton, has been accused by malfeasance over an estate matter by his family members. Kingfish over at Jackson Jambalaya has the story.

According to his siblings in court filings . . .

Steve C. Thornton has restricted all interested parties access to Estate and Trust financial information. That without this Court’s authority to subpoena banking accounts in the name of J.P. Thornton Family Trust and/or Steve C. Thornton, Administrator is without any recourse to trace the whereabouts of converted estate assets.

4. Steve C. Thornton has repeatedly restricted access to information from interested parties, including but not limited to, timber contracts, proceeds from timber sales, various disbursements of Trust money, money spent on expenses for construction, and disbursements relevant to ongoing litigation all of which the heirs/beneficiaries hold a vested equitable interest. That since 2009, Steve Thornton has been renovating two houses of the trust that were originally intended to generate income for the Trust. Administrator should review the trust bank records to determine if Steve Thornton used converted estate assets and/or proceeds from estate property in which he sold, to pay for the construction…..

Steve Thornton has shown hostility to beneficiaries/heirs /interested parties’, upon any request to distribute estate and trust property and assets, threatened to sell real property and spend any money held in the trust account, which he claims is within his authority, and threatened to disinherit beneficiaries

Thornton is also representing plaintiffs prosecuting a wrongful death action against a law firm and several public entities resulting from a suicide after a small group orchestrated a break in to a nursing home to photograph the then-wife of Senator Thad Cochran in an effort to ostensibly benefit the Chris McDaniel campaign in 2014.